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Private & Corporate Yoga Classes

Private & Corporate: Classes
Yoga Class

ॐ Corporate Yoga Classes ॐ

I teach yoga classes at company offices and online through Zoom. Bringing yoga into the work place is a wonderful way to create a healthy, mindful, connected and stress-free environment.

Practicing yoga together can also be a great way for colleagues to connect outside of their regular interactions in the work space to create a positive and supportive dynamic among your team.

These yoga lessons usually take place before work starts, during a lunch break or after work. The lessons can take place in person at your office or online through Zoom.

I have taught yoga in small and large companies/ organisations such as Fondazione San Zeno, Vinitaly International and Moodart Fashion School in Italy. 

I am passionate about these corporate classes because I have seen first hand the wonderful impact they have. We spend so much of our time at work, so it is essential to create a positive, healthy and conducive work environment.

Contact me to arrange a class in your work space.

ॐ Private Yoga Classes: Individual or Group ॐ

Private classes are a beautiful way to enjoy a practice that is uniquely personalized to you and your specific interests on your yoga path. It is a wonderful way to also receive more focused attention, for example through adjustments and alignment during your asana practice. These classes can be arranged in person or online from the comfort of your home, or alternatively in studio. Contact me to find out more.

Yoga at Home

"Me and my colleagues are practicing yoga once a week at lunch break in our Office. For us, this is a personal gift that we give to ourselves: we create a free space where we don't have to deal with family and work duties. It is also an occasion for bonding and an opportunity to do something to train. We met Brittany thanks to a yogi teacher who suggested that we try and practice with her. We found in Brittany a strong and physical teacher, but also a guide into the yoga journey. She helps us to enrich our practice with yoga knowledge, mantras and breathe that made it possible for us to practice on and off the mat. And of course, her kindness and smile delete working issues the very second that she rings the bell of our door (or starts a zoom class). Grateful to have her in our  lives. P.s. It is also a great booster for our English!"
(Matilde Cristofoli, Fondazione San Zeno)

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