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Pre-Recorded & Live Online Classes

ॐ My Patreon platform hosts a growing library of 86+ pre-recorded yoga videos.

ॐ These include lovingly crafted Vinyasa Flow, Prenatal Yoga, Yin Yoga and Ashtanga inspired videos, asana tutorials, meditations, pranayama exercises and yoga philosophy writings.

ॐ I have created videos to suit all levels and with various lengths to chose from: from quick 15 minute morning practices to longer 90 minute practices.

ॐ Follow the asana tutorials so you can work on specific yoga positions that you would like to master.

ॐThe guided meditations, pranayama exercises and yoga philosophy will help you to deepen your practice.

ॐ There is an abundant library of 86+ existing videos and I frequently upload fresh content to accompany you on your yoga journey.

ॐ I have created four different membership tiers to suit a variety of needs and most importantly to make the beautiful practice of yoga accessible to all:

 Warrior 1: (€5/ month) Access to 20% of the content in my growing yoga video library + Access to yoga philosophy blogs

 Warrior 2: (€10/ month) Access to 50% of the content in my growing yoga video library + Access to yoga philosophy blogs

 Warrior 3: (€15/ month) Access to 75% of the content in my growing yoga video library + Access to yoga philosophy blogs

 Handstand Yogi: (€20 per month) Access to 100% of the content in my growing yoga video library + Access to yoga philosophy blogs

ॐ I look forward to practicing with you on the virtual mat ॐ


Prenatal Yoga Course: Blissful Pregnancy & Empowered Birth

I designed this Prenatal Yoga Course: 'Blissful Pregnancy and Empowered Birth' and filmed all the videos during my pregnancy.

What is the Prenatal Yoga Course

comprised of? 

1.     10 Yoga Videos:

Together these videos comprise 419 minutes of practice time.

They include the following:

o   4 videos of shorter yoga practices (25-38 mins):

Perfect for when you’re looking for a shorter practice to nurture you and baby. We modify classic sequences and I offer a gentle Vinyasa Flow to be safe and nurturing for all trimesters.

o   4 videos of full prenatal yoga classes (60-80 mins):

These are themed around Ayurveda’s 5 Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space/Ether). We draw on the lessons of 5 Element Theory to support and empower us through our pregnancy and help us prepare with ease for birth. These are complete yoga classes comprised of meditation/relaxation, pranayama practices for pregnancy and childbirth and a movement practice suitable for all trimesters.

o   1 video focused on pelvic floor exercises for pregnancy:

To strengthen the pelvic floor and have the body awareness to completely relax the pelvic floor muscles (crucial for birth).  Regular pelvic floor exercises also ensure a quicker recovery postpartum.

o   1 video of a guided meditation:

To help you feel confident, empowered and ready to birth your baby.

2.     Yoga Through the Trimesters:

A written guide outlining some of the common pregnancy complaints in each trimester. I discuss how yoga and other tools can support you and how your practice can be best modified to serve you through the trimesters.

3.     Guidance on Modifying your Yoga Practice:

A written guide on how to modify your yoga practice to be safe and nurturing in pregnancy. We look at what yoga postures, pranayama/ breathing techniques and bandha practices to avoid or modify during pregnancy.

4.     Yoga Asana to Ease Common Pregnancy Complaints:

A list and picture guide of which yoga postures you can practice to help ease various pregnancy aches and pains: back pain and sciatica, leg pain and cramps and pelvic pain.

5.     Pranayama Tools for Pregnancy:

A written guide of four key pranayama/ breathing techniques that are very helpful during pregnancy and childbirth and we will also practice these in the yoga videos

6. Additional Courses and a Reading and Listening List:

A recommended list of further courses, reading and listening for those who would like to immerse themselves further in positive pregnancy education.

How to Sign-Up for the Prenatal Course:

You will receive the 45 page booklet, which includes the downloadable videos and other course content, (6 chapters mentioned above). 

  • The discounted cost of the course is €99: (price valid until 31 October 2022) or you can pay in three installments (€33 over 3 months)

  • Existing Patreon Supporters: get an additional 20% discount: €79.

    Email me for more details:

Bring the joy of yoga into your home. Practice with me online with pre-recorded and live online classes

through my Patreon platform ॐ

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