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Yoga is my way of life ॐ Sharing yoga's teachings of sacred serenity, is my life's purpose.

Namaste ॐ. My name is Brittany. Yoga is my greatest passion, my way of life and what helps me find sacred serenity on and off the mat. As a yoga teacher, my wish is to share this profound and transformative practice with you. I teach both in person and online- mindful Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga classes ... interwoven with my passion for yoga philosophy and living the eight limbs of yoga, to find sacred serenity on and off the mat. 

From a young age I was drawn to spirituality. In my teen years I attended Transcendental Meditation and Reiki courses, studied Buddhism, attended  retreats  and trainings and explored as many spiritual and healing modalities as I could. However, it was in Yoga that I truly found my spiritual home.

My journey with yoga started in 2003 and it was love at first sight, but I can say that I truly fell head over heels on my first trip to India in 2007. Over the years my commitment to a daily practice (sādhanā) grew and with it a glimpse of the transformational effects of yoga. My reverence for how yoga's practical tools and profound philosophy creates a road map for living a meaningful and awakened life, created an ever deepening calling in me to share this with others. 

I am a RYT Yoga Alliance certified teacher. I completed yoga teacher training courses in India: in Vinyasa Flow (RYT 200) and Yin Yoga (RYT 100) at Trimurti Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa/ Iyengar at Abhinam Yoga (RYT 30). I am currently studying to be a Prenatal Yoga Teacher with Trimurti Yoga (2022). I am forever a dedicated student and take classes, trainings and workshops with teachers all over the world whenever I can... yoga's wisdom and gifts are endless and so are the opportunities for learning.

I believe strongly in the profound practice of yoga to bring health, balance and joy into our lives. I love sharing with my students, how to find the balance between strength and gentleness and exploring the beautiful potential of the body/mind/soul connection.

It is important to me to teach yoga safely by offering alternatives that respect our unique anatomy and by encouraging my students to move mindfully and cultivate body awareness and respect. I love to teach yoga philosophy and to weave it into the themes of my asana classes because yoga is so much more than just an asana practice ॐ

I grew up in beautiful, vibrant South Africa. I am so grateful for how this diverse country shaped me in its extremes, ultimately teaching me about the nuances of compassion and love. I also have a PhD in Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies, an MSc in Social Policy and Development, and I have worked as a researcher and activist for over a decade on various community action research projects. I have always felt moved to contribute in what way I can to human wellbeing and ending suffering. As such, I hold dear the aspects of Seva (community service) and Karma Yoga as central components of the yogic path. 

In 2017, I moved to beautiful Verona Italy with my loving partner and soulmate. I teach regular weekly classes in various yoga and pilates centres around Verona, Italy.  I also teach private individual and corporate  group classes.

My passion project is bringing my classes online and into your home, so my students can experience the transformational impact of a regular home yoga practice...this is where the true magic of yoga unfolds.

You can practice with me online through my Patreon website, where I upload pre-recorded yoga videos to bring the nourishing practice of yoga into your home. I have an abundant and growing library of 70+ pre-recorded yoga videos, asana tutorials, meditations and pranayama techniques to suit all. You can explore some free classes online through my YouTube channel. 

May your yoga journey be blessed.

With gratitude, namaste ॐ

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Yoga Styles


Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic form of yoga that focuses on connecting breath with movement, building strength and flexibility and importantly finding peace of mind through a moving meditation.

Vinyasa is a sanskrit word that means "to place in a special or sacred way" and also refers to the connection between movement and breath. Emphasis is on smooth and graceful transitions, embodied movement and deep awareness of the breath.

Sequences are often centred around peak poses or themes such as yoga philosophy, the five elements, hip or heart openers and much more. The dynamism of Vinyasa Flow builds strength while the moving meditation helps to quiet the mind and calm the nervous system, to relieve stress and anxiety and take you inwards.

The beauty of Vinyasa is its creativity, it gives the practitioner the freedom to create new sequences each time they step on their mat. This allows for asana practices to be designed to suit the unique needs of each person in different moments of life and makes it accessible and healing to all.

My classes emphasize respecting our unique anatomy, by offering alternatives and by encouraging my students to move mindfully and cultivate body awareness and respect. Above all I aim to create a safe space to unwind, connect inwards and nurture mind, body and soul.


Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga targets our joints and connective tissue (especially fascia) and stimulates the subtle body- known as meridians (in Traditional Chinese Medicine) or Nadis in Hatha Yoga. 

It is composed of predominantly floor-based asanas/ shapes which are held passively and statically for 3-5 minutes each.Yin provides a gentle application of “stress” or “stimulation” in the form of tension and compression which induces a healthy phase change in our connective tissue and myofascial release. 

Yin yoga nourishes the Yin aspects of our body-mind complex and can have a powerful calming effect on your nervous system, promoting healing and encouraging body awareness and mindfulness.

Unlike in Yang practices where alignment and symmetry are often a key focus, Yin yoga concentrates more on finding the ideal shape for your own unique body and mind... the focus is on what the shape feels like, allowing the practitioner to let go of what it looks like. This encourages a wonderful connection to your body and mind and deep inner awareness through which healing can take place.

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